Claim bonus

In Universal Slots we have many tools to help you to complete all your missions, and the bonus is one of most powefult one.

Here you have a simple instructions of how can claim them

How claim a Deposit bonus:

  1. Go to Cashier
  2. Deposit
  3. Clic Deposit in the method that you want use
  4. Then select promotion code and put the bonus code
  5. Clic in confirm 
  6. Fill the payment information
  7. Ready! 


How claim a No Deposit bonus:

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Click in Promotions
  3. Put the code un Promotion Code box (upper case)
  4. Then click in Activation Code
  5. Your will see that message:
    • "Congratulations you recieved 20
      freerounds, you can use them in one of
      the following games: London Hunter,
      London Hunter Mobile"
  6. Go to the slot and enjoy!


Universal Slots makegin easy the entretamient for you..