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    How Does Music Casino Games More Appealing?

    Think for a moment about the special moments you have had in your life ... Now connect it with a song. Surely the one you chose is perfect! Because music has the ability to transmit everything we feel, believe, live and make us remember unique moments through its melodies.

    He also accompanies us in the car, at home, on an outing and also when we decide to sit down to play and enjoy the best casino games. In fact, there are iconic songs that refer to gambling, luck, gambling, and more that have been recorded all over the world.

    Our relationship with music reaches such a point that it is capable of altering our emotional state. Our brain has evolved and throughout the process it has been including sounds as a fundamental piece with which to create patterns together with emotions and thus, decode our environment.

    Emotions are responsible for turning the sounds we perceive into something understandable. Without being conscious, we associate the sounds we appreciate, however subtle they may be, with emotions. This sound-emotion association makes us understand the situations we are in, allowing us to react according to the context. For example, we can detect happiness or sadness in a person only with the sound of their voice. That is, we associate sadness with a lower tone of voice and record than normal and the opposite with joy. It is the same with music.

    Neuroscientific studies show that music has the ability to change moods by activating each of the emotional structures of the brain. Experiments have been carried out in which activity has been modulated in practically any emotional structure of the brain thanks to the emotions stimulated by music. Music is capable of awakening the nucleus of the creative brain structures of our emotional universe.

    Listening to music activates the areas of the brain that are responsible for imitation and empathy. They are the areas where the mirror neurons are located that act reflecting the actions and intentions of others as if they were their own. In this way we can feel the pain of others, their joy, their sadness,… Perhaps this is why music is capable of altering our emotions and creating social ties; because it allows us to share feelings.

    Just as the casino has influenced most Hollywood movies and people's real lives, it has also impacted the music of this great world of gambling.

    The excitement of the game and the incredible experience of playing in the casino have also been a source of inspiration for the greats of music over the years.

    Here we show you some of them:

    1. Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra: This great singer was a regular player in the best casinos. That's why he made this song for the movie "They and They".

    2. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers - This iconic song was born in the Rogers movie, where he meets a mysterious gamer on a train who offers him some vital lessons.

    3. Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley: Viva Las Vegas was the title of the song in the Elvis movie of the same name, where the King played a racing driver trying to earn enough money to buy a new car. This song has always been a symbol of Las Vegas and is also related to the Sin City casinos.

    4. Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones: Although the title of the song refers to a casino, the group confessed that the lyrics of the song were made on a study table and was far from being a real casino.

    5. Ace of Spades by Motorhead: This British rock group used the poker game "Ace" for the title of the song. In the middle of the song, one of the singers roars "The only card you need is the ace of spades," Lemmy roars.

    We could go on to a super long list listing more and more songs that are sure to get you on the wave of winning plays, but our friends at AskGamblers developed a lengthy article on this worth reading for you to delve into this world of vibes musicals and know the best songs about gambling.

    In our Instagram feed @UniversalGroup_ you will also see an article on this profound and wonderful topic. There you can share with us which of these songs is your favorite, if it brought you luck to listen to any of them or if you have any other that you think we should include in this list.