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    Do you believe in amulets?

    Many people believe in superstitions in all aspects of life, but when it comes to playing in an online casino, they also believe a lot. In fact, most players have a certain ritual before they get to play and focus on winning.


    Although these activities are usually used in physical casinos, most people who play online casino also practice them. Here we detail some of the most common superstitions when playing casino:


    • Amulet: for decades have been the first superstition for all casino players. From animals, private objects and even people. For example: Many people use four leaf clover because it generates luck and profit; Rabbit feet are also widely seen in the world, as well as people who accompany players without doing anything else, just company.


    • Red: is said to bring good luck in Asia. In fact, many casinos across Asia will see mostly red. In this sense, many players select clothing or a red amulet to accompany them to make their plays.


    • Wash your hands: this superstition is believed to be widely used worldwide. It is said that if you win a play and wash your hands, that attracted luck may go, so players tend not to wash them.


    • Lucky Numbers: Usually players choose a favorite number because it attracts luck, therefore, they use it in all their moves.


    • Walking and concentrating on the game: One of the superstitions of the players is concentration before starting a game. In physical casinos, people believe that seeing others play and win prizes generates a kind of luck. 


    • Do not count money on the table: You cannot count the money you won in the casino on the table you have been playing on because it is said that you will chase away fortune.


    Which of all these superstitions do you identify with? Tell us in the comments or tell us if you have any other.